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Oil filter socket FL-820S FL-1-A FL-2124S Motorcraft

This oil filter socket is available in two versions. There are two versions of the FL-820S from Ford Motorcraft now. Motorcraft oil filter FL-820S older style with 36 flutes or the newer ones has only 15 flutes. The new style will fit the FL-820S, FL-1A, and FL-2124S oil filters we have in stock. The socket is from Lisle Tools and is a 3.8 drive. The socket is low profile, and less than 1 inch tall once placed on the filter. Do not use it with an impact. It fits tightly so as not to slip once on the filter. This listing is sold individually and does not include the oil filter. 
  • 36 flute is the older style FL-820S oil filter (pictured)
  • 15 flute is the newer style FL-820S, FL-1A, & FL2124S oil filters and these are the filters we sell
**** Does Not fit Ford Performance FRPP FL-820 oil filter (those have no flutes, smooth top)****

Oil filter socket FL-820S FL-1-A FL-2124S Motorcraft

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