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Motorcraft diesel coolant system iron cleaner VC-9

Motorcraft diesel coolant system iron cleaner VC-9 or VC9 commonly used in 6.0 diesels. Sold by the quart. We carry the 6.0 diesel thermostat replacement here: Ford-Motorcraft-thermostat-6-0-Power-Stroke-turbo-diesel-RT1169-detail.htm
  • Use only when specified. Refer to the applicable TSB or WSM for application, usage, and other important information.
  • Unless specified otherwise, do not use this product to flush cooling systems where the cylinder block is aluminum. Use Motorcraft® Premium Cooling System Flush, VC-1.
  • Contains cleaners that effectively remove rust and polymers that disperse sludges
  • Is non-aggressive to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including mild steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, brass, bronze, and stainless steels
  • Provides a passive iron surface after cleaning to avoid flash rusting
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Motorcraft diesel coolant system iron cleaner VC-9

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